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Phyla Digital presents: FREEFORM

13 December 2014

Phyla Digital presents: FREEFORM


We're proud to launch the first edition of our music night series entitled FREEFORM. For the inaugural event, we've got IYER making it down all the way from Toronto to join the team of talented selectahs and musicians that form the core of Phyla. FREEFORM is designed to be an avenue for producers and DJs to freely experiment, keeping in line with Phyla's own tradition of being free of any genres or expectations. The lineup is testament to the versatility and diversity of the crew that wishes to showcase to Singapore the various styles of electronic music that can breed within. Lineup: IYER FZPZ F A U X E Jaydah MXNDKRFT

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

13 December at 22:00–03:00
13 December at 22:00 to 14 December at 03:00


KOI Bangers + Izakaya


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