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Playfreely 2015

30 January 2015

Playfreely 2015


Emboldening cross-genre, cross cultural, unfettered music creation and collective improvisation – Playfreely is back! Originally inspired by the programming of New York experimental music venue The Stone, Playfreely started out as a fortnightly initiative to foster regular sessions amongst musicians to create and play without inhibition. No fixed notions of what’s appropriate or appealing, no complicated concepts, no genre fixations, and most importantly, no judgement. In 2011, Playfreely started out as a simple, relaxed platform to gather and showcase musicians from all backgrounds. It soon morphed into somewhat of a catalyst, igniting musical partnerships and unpredictably cool collaborations. So what good is Playfreely? We hope that it has and will continue to be a wellspring of fun and inspiration amongst the music communities in Singapore, and of course to encourage fresh new musical perspectives from all quarters of music making, and hopefully open up audiences to more exciting alternatives in their musical diet. This two-day programme will feature two parts. Part 1, on 28 January, features the first ever concert in Singapore by experimental music quartet Far East Network(FEN),scoring live to previously unreleased short films by visual artist Charles Lim. Part 2 of Playfreely 2015 will feature an exciting new component, The Playfreely Ensemble, led by renowned Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist, Otomo Yoshihide. Made up of musicians from as far off as France, regionally and Singapore, The Playfreely Ensemble musicians will work and explore ideas together for 2 days. Through open exchange of approaches, exploration and reworking of ideas; Playfreely encourages free expression and risk taking. Nothing is out of bounds. The final outcome is a live performance on 30 January, featuring a roster of wonderfully diverse musicians listed below. Otomo Yoshihide (Japan) Aya Sekine (Japan) Cheryl Ong (Singapore) Dennis Tan (Singapore) dj sniff (Japan) George Chua (Singapore) Hankil Ryu (South Korea) Heddy Boubaker (France) Jase Sng (Singapore) Kok Siew Wai (Malaysia) Leslie Low (Singapore) Sachiko M (Japan) Tadashi Yonago (Japan) Yan Jun (China) Yui-SaowakhonMuangkruan (Thailand)

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$30, $25, $18, $15

Date & Time

30 January at 19:30–23:30


The Projector
6001 Beach Road #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589


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