Reflection: The Single and Music Video Launch

Reflection: The Single and Music Video Launch

11 January 2019
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Where touch was absent, there was cold. Where thoughts lingered came resentment. And in the familiarity of things, one felt helpless. Circling the same, repetitive patterns. As though the people closest were the only sufficiently absorbent objects for the inward-tucked pain. Therein lays their reflective nature. Releasing upon others the things unknowingly absorbed.

As another year sets itself in motion, Wish Sticks presents to you their debut single, Reflection. Join us at Route 196 on the 11th of January, 2019 as we bring you the unabbreviated experience; while we will also be screening the official Reflection Music Video for the very first time, there will be decorative art inspired by the song, limited edition collectibles or event memorabilia, and live performances by some of our friends and favourite local artists. Namely,

Shirebound and Busking
The Ridleys
Sofa Sky
and Wish Sticks

But if that isn't enough to get you on your feet, we're bringing in some more friends to keep the party going until the event closes. Playing us tracks we love to dance along to and conditioning the floor for dance, we'll have DJ sets by

Some Guy
Karlo Soriano

This event is co-presented by:

Locals Only
Maroon FM

Don't miss out on our first official releases. We proudly recommend you give Reflection a listen and pay our event a visit to see our Music Video first! It'll be a night to remember!