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Silent Disco Asia - SOLD OUT

2 July 2016

Silent Disco Asia - SOLD OUT


After the huge success of their sold out double header launch weekend last month, Silent Disco Asia are back, and are hosting their next event on 2nd July. If you weren’t lucky enough to bag tickets last time – now is your chance! The next event will be held at Kult Kafe, which is a fantastic new outdoor space situated within the grounds of an old colonial building positioned on the top of Emily Hill. This fresh venue, run by the organisers of Singapore’s most revered Sunday session The Training Shed, is a unique feature on the SG map which offers a sumptuous selection of drinks including a range of imported beers and ales that cannot be found in your average bar, and naturally exudes a mini festival vibe. 

At a Silent Disco Asia party there are three DJs, all playing different styles of music. Party-goers are able to flick between the different channels on their individual headsets. There could be disco grooves on the green channel, house music on the blue channel, and rock music on the red channel - it’s up to you to decide what tunes you want to bounce to. Imagine a room full of dancing party-goers, all wearing individual wireless headsets that are glowing brightly in either red, green or blue - raving to music that only they can hear and with the dance floor transformed into an immersive and interactive light installation controlled by you!

As well as looking great, Silent Disco Asia’s noise-cancelling headsets also provide a top-quality listening experience. Once you’re wearing them, it feels no different to being in a regular nightclub -except that you can switch between three channels, control the volume and even take them off and have a chat with your friends without having to shout!

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Date & Time

2 July at 20:00–01:00
2 July at 20:00 to 3 July at 01:00


Kult Kafe
Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120