Songs for Children present Cloud Nothings

Songs for Children present Cloud Nothings

18 April 2017
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Cloud Nothings are back with a stonker of an album!

The 25-year-old still writes songs to emulate this feeling of a life full of doubt, dedicated for people that often employ apathetic “I’m fine”s to just find an escape. Cloud Nothings, however, have evolved beyond the status of a post-high school band and while still wrought in emotion, their fourth album represents optimism, vibrancy and combative noise in a life drained of sound.

Cloud Nothings was founded in Cleveland, the solo bedroom project of Dylan Baldi, an 18-year-old student with a remarkable ear for melody. Prolific from the start, Baldi’s early work was rough but immediate: crudely recorded, spring-loaded spasms of Buzzcocks-informed pop that quickly found an online following among the lo-fi-inclined.

In 2010, Carpark Records unveiled Turning On, a retrospective introduction that combined early 7″ singles like 'Hey Cool Kids' and the full-length debut. The following year, Cloud Nothings made its proper Carpark debut with a thrilling self-titled LP that found Baldi in a studio for the first time, shedding the many layers of hiss and distortion that had once obscured (or enhanced) his every hook. 2012’s Attack on Memory, an album that very loudly (with the help of legendary producer Steve Albini) announced the arrival of Cloud Nothings as the sound of more than just Baldi. 2014’s Here and Nowhere Else refined and expanded upon the volcanic interplay that galvanized its predecessor, it also found Baldi realizing his potential as a singer and the leader of an undeniably great rock band.

Life Without Sound, released in January 2017 to huge critical acclaim, is the most polished and outwardly reflective set of songs to date.
Smart, nuanced, and immensely listenable, this is guitar-driven pop as it should be—conceived by a songwriter who continues to sound like one of the finest of his generation.

Don’t miss this chance to witness one of the finest US indie bands crank up the volume and bring the house down in Singapore!