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Super 0 x Curated Records

19 December 2014

Super 0 x Curated Records


For the love of music on wax, get on down to Super 0 Openair’s vinyl swap special at homegrown independent record store Curated Records! Sticking to their motto of “We are what we listen to”, vinyl appreciation is not just for wax enthusiasts, but for all music lovers. So bring a record or two and swap away! Or become a proud owner of some quality titles as Curated Records offers a one-time special discount for all purchases during the event. Co-hosting the event will be world-traveling music platform Red Bull Music Academy, who are co-curating a stage at Super 0 Openair. Get a taste of RBMA’s innovative spirit before experiencing it in all its glory come 17 January! Plus, get visually stimulated with the showcase of the 2nd Art of Cycle bike transformed by graphic design artist Daryl Chan (sifr), based on the traditional 'Sayagata' print. With DJ support from Super 0 favourites Zig Zach SG and Zul (Subvert HQ), plus a dedicated bar by the folks at Red Bull Singapore to keep supertroopers hydrated with freeflow booze of course ;) SUPERTIP #1: Lusting for a touchy feely session with a tokyobike? Well, your dreams can finally come true with Tokyobike Singapore’s special offer for test rides! Yes, a select number of sexy tokyobikes will be available during the vinyl swap so don’t be shy, mount a saddle or two, and experience what it’s like to cruise on your dream bike :)

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

19 December at 19:00–22:00


Curated Records
Singapore 16


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