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TAJ Presents: The Astral Journey EP Launch

25 March 2015

TAJ Presents: The Astral Journey EP Launch


The time is here! TAJ is releasing physical copies of our debut EP with a killer show featuring the Cold Cut Quartet, Ginny Bloop, KAYE and our Darker Than Wax family! It'll be a night of raw great vibe and journey taking as we take you on The Astral Journey: Take the astral journey with us in instrumental future-soul music to inspire exploration in the realm of your mind, emotion and consciousness… Astral projection has constantly been a phenomenon common to everyone in dreams and even at times in more self-conscious and aware situations, where people have outer-body experiences in relation to events in their life and in the progression and development of their psyche. Attaining enlightenment, a higher sense of existence and an opening of the mind have always had great effects on mankind in history and civilization, which encourage higher levels of thinking and robust concepts of peace and raison d’être that some regard as noble and even highly spiritual pursuits. We are TAJ. And we aspire to these notions wholly. The three of us are “impressionists” in the way we write and the way we think about music, and love to paint pictures and create new worlds in the mind’s eye. So, open your eyes, open your mind, open your soul. Buckle up, for we will now take you on THE ASTRAL JOURNEY… Featuring: Cold Cut Quartet Ginny Bloop aka Eugenia Yip (The Steve McQueens, Riot !n Magenta) KAYE (Darker Than Wax)

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$30, $25, $20, $12

Tickets Available

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Date & Time

25 March at 19:00–23:00


The Substation Theatre
45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936


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