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The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #32

10 March 2015

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #32


For more information on our other programs, join us at: For more details on The Diarist Sessions and Open Mic, join the group here: "We record a bit of ourselves in every song that is written as an observation or musing of the times. The songs themselves are an entry in the musical diary of our young country." "The Diarists" are a collective formed in 2012 to curate spaces for musicians in Singapore to perform with an emphasis on creating environments suitable for musical appreciation. The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #32 – 10 Mar 2015 Featuring: Gerard Bong Ashdown Farid Long Book of Obscure Sorrows Jarrold Ng Andrea & Nicole. Hosted by Nur Din Hidayat

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Date & Time

10 March at 20:00–23:00


Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe
Singapore 18