The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #50 - 22 Mar at The Music Parlour

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #50 - 22 Mar at The Music Parlour

22 March 2017
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"We record a bit of ourselves in every song that is written as an observation or musing of the times. The songs themselves are an entry in the musical diary of our young country."

"The Diarists" are a collective formed in 2012 to curate spaces for musicians in Singapore to perform with an emphasis on creating environments suitable for musical appreciation.

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #50 – 22 March 2017


Bryan Chua

Bryan Chua is an aspiring local singer-songwriter, finding his sound on the local music stage with his guitar and loop pedal. Essentially, Bryan is able to perform as a one-man band, be it vocals, guitar or even percussions. His foray into local gigs began in early 2016, though Bryan has actually been writing music for many years prior. His relatable originals are often based on his life or the lives of those around him. Yet most significantly, his songs often have a message or meaning to them, and his main goal is to spread love and hope to the world through his music.



DPSYPHER (decipher) is a duo, R&B/Rap group which consist of Artifek on vocals and Lil’ Fizzy on Rap. The group was establish in 2016 and had just release their 1st English debut entitle “Clean Slate” in Feb 2017. Composed by Artifek Mimpi and written by Lil’ Fizzy.

Artifek, currently working as a Stage Supervisor at Water World Stunt Show in Universal Studio Singapore, he’s been in the entertainment scene for decades, mainly in cultural performance to singing competitions on both TV and Radio. Apart from his creative skills as a performance choreographer and media design works, he too has displayed his ability in song compositions for various genre.

Lil’ Fizzy is a stuntman by profession. Throughout the years, he’s been involved in numerous productions, both international and local films and dramas. His flair in writing has steered and shaped his passion in rap music. Practically a self-taught rapper through years of exploration and trials. His style is based on emotions and experiences.

DPSYPHER music is influenced by acts like Eminem, Ice Cube, Usher and Brian McKnight. In hopes, their music will touch listener’s hearts through meaningful lyrics, emotional beats and soulful melodies.


Sulaiman Azim

I'm a closet singer-songwriter, only starting to play at open mics about last year. I play mostly stripped down acoustic versions of songs, and my originals.


Indah Han

I'm 19, 149cm tall, and I sing. I wrote compositions before but recently ventured into songwriting just to be able to express and confront myself a little bit better. My themes can be a little complex yet also very simple. Most of the time, it's about growing up and getting out of the house but once in a while, a love song pops out. I tend to keep my songs to myself like how I keep my real emotions bottled up, but once in a while, it might be nice to just let it out and maybe someday, I can come to terms with the words of my own songs.


Pixel Apartment

8 | 40 continues from 4 | 40. In the cold dark walls of a prison cell, storms rage on in the world outside, and the facility becomes a strange refuge for a single occupant. With a pen and a vivid imagination - Jordan reconstructs the sounds of blips, analog synths, and an imagined a show in is mind - a show where which continued where 2014 left Pixel Apartment - new, yet familiar all again.


Hosted by Marcel Lee Pereira

Musician, newsman, father. Marcel Lee Pereira is a multi-faceted singer-songwriter from Singapore. A journalist by training, and a musician by passion, Marcel marries his love for words and melodies in his songs. He has moved listeners to tears with his tales about home, growing up and fatherhood.


About The Music Parlour

The Music Parlour is a downtown hideout for musicians to immerse in their craft through jamming, recording and gigs. There is also a cosy lounge filled with acoustic instruments and a bookshelf littered with vinyl records and all things musical for hangouts.

The three jamming studios can all be combined into one bigger studio which provides flexibility for various types of recording and events. The venue is a great place to check out local established and upcoming acts through the many intimate concerts held in-house, with International acts also making their occasional appearances.

Passion for music is what fuels the team to keep pushing on and providing the best experience possible everyday. You could call this place a home for music lovers. Step right in and embrace the good vibes!


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