The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #51 - 9 May at The Music Parlour

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #51 - 9 May at The Music Parlour

9 May 2017
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"We record a bit of ourselves in every song that is written as an observation or musing of the times. The songs themselves are an entry in the musical diary of our young country."

"The Diarists" are a collective formed in 2012 to curate spaces for musicians in Singapore to perform with an emphasis on creating environments suitable for musical appreciation.

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #51 – 9 May 2017



I am just a beginner. I enjoy singing and jamming, that is why I decided to perform. It will be my 2nd time performing so I will probably be very nervous. I can play a little bit of piano and ukulele.


Indah Han

20, 149cm tall, and a voice. These are the ingredients chosen to create her sappy happy songs. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction - Chemical X (aka lack of proper sentencing and an eccentric love for cats. And old cartoons.) Thus, her songs are written. Using her voice and her music, she dedicates her time with music to tell little stories and to fight the little forces of evil.

IG: @han.indah



Hello! I have been performing and playing music for almost 3 years now. I do vocals mainly and I play the guitar too. I have sang songs ranging from One Ok Rock's Wherever You Are to Bruno Mar's When I Was You Man.

I write songs too, which are mainly English and I hope to show people my music!


Vincent Low

Just a fellow muso new in a new enviroment looking to play as much as possible



Azizan is a lyricist, a composer, an arranger and a sound engineer. His specialty is in symphonic arrangement but he loves performing acoustically as well. His lyrics touches on the very controversial topic such as the purpose of life and makes them questions or challenge the very existence of it. He also touches on romantic lyrics and twist them with biblical references and mythologies to make it seem deep and interesting.


Kristi Lim

Kristi Lim hasn't played music in a while, but never stopped writing since her mentorship days under NOISE Singapore 2015. She has sad stories to tell about her fears and some happy ones about loved ones.



Cues is a four-piece instrumental band from Singapore, who finally discovered their signature sound in 2016. They are heavily influenced by post-rock and math-rock bands such as toe, And So I Watched You From Afar, Chon and tricot. Upon completion of this short biography they shall retreat back to the shadows, where they will continue to write music, practice their instruments, play videogames and watch Gintama all at the same time.


Hosted by Marcel Lee Pereira

Musician, newsman, father. Marcel Lee Pereira is a multi-faceted singer-songwriter from Singapore. A journalist by training, and a musician by passion, Marcel marries his love for words and melodies in his songs. He has moved listeners to tears with his tales about home, growing up and fatherhood.


About The Music Parlour

The Music Parlour is a downtown hideout for musicians to immerse in their craft through jamming, recording and gigs. There is also a cosy lounge filled with acoustic instruments and a bookshelf littered with vinyl records and all things musical for hangouts.

The three jamming studios can all be combined into one bigger studio which provides flexibility for various types of recording and events. The venue is a great place to check out local established and upcoming acts through the many intimate concerts held in-house, with International acts also making their occasional appearances.

Passion for music is what fuels the team to keep pushing on and providing the best experience possible everyday. You could call this place a home for music lovers. Step right in and embrace the good vibes!


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