The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #52 - 13 June at The Music Parlour

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #52 - 13 June at The Music Parlour

13 June 2017
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"We record a bit of ourselves in every song that is written as an observation or musing of the times. The songs themselves are an entry in the musical diary of our young country."

"The Diarists" are a collective formed in 2012 to curate spaces for musicians in Singapore to perform with an emphasis on creating environments suitable for musical appreciation.

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #52 – 13 June 2017


Sulaiman & Jared

Sulaiman and Jared are both singer-songwriters from Singapore. Two like minded individuals who love playing music.


Chloe Ho

SP DMAT student, I love music and I'd really like to share the love.

instagram @chloe_hooooo
twitter @muzicmonsta
telegram: chloehooooo


Fumee Lee

Fumee Lee started singing at the age of seven and growing up learning all the vocal elements he needs to pursue his career in music. Pop and R&B have always been his favourite genre of music.

Inspired by international artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, and Yuna, he began writing his pieces at the age of seventeen.

Performed for over two thousands of people at the age of nineteen, he is now a featured artist in Penang, MY.

I write songs too, which are mainly English and I hope to show people my music!


Atiqah Irwan

My name is Atiqah and I'm just a regular 16-year-old girl who loves music. Initially, I was scared and shy to actually perform in front of a crowd but my school's talent show gave me some courage and confidence. I won the talent show and the school sent me out for some public performances too and now, I'd have to say I really enjoy performing in front of a crowd. I can play the guitar, ukulele, drums and some other percussion instruments too.

Instagram: @atiqahirwan
Soundcloud: pizzatiqah



LIQRSTCKS is a 5-piece indie-pop band. They do mainly originals and sometimes covering the Strokes, or some John Mayer. All the members have different tastes in genres and music but they try to create a sound which combines all.

Instagram @liqrstcks
Soundcloud @liqrstcks



Hello there, I'm Pavi. I write songs about love and everything in between.



We are friends who like to listen and play music. We are song writers. We would like to perform some of them. See you.


Hosted by Indah Han

Indah always has a story to tell, and they are put in the form of songs. She writes about her adventures and dreams, sometimes both, and delivers them with the raw emotion it deserves. Lyricist and vocalist for a collective named "WD40", Indah first performed her original songs at the Diarists Sessions in November 2016 and has been writing more since then.

IG: @han.indah
FB page (Band): WD40


About The Music Parlour

The Music Parlour is a downtown hideout for musicians to immerse in their craft through jamming, recording and gigs. There is also a cosy lounge filled with acoustic instruments and a bookshelf littered with vinyl records and all things musical for hangouts.

The three jamming studios can all be combined into one bigger studio which provides flexibility for various types of recording and events. The venue is a great place to check out local established and upcoming acts through the many intimate concerts held in-house, with International acts also making their occasional appearances.

Passion for music is what fuels the team to keep pushing on and providing the best experience possible everyday. You could call this place a home for music lovers. Step right in and embrace the good vibes!


The Diarists
Twitter: TheDiaristsSG
Instagram: The_Diarist_Sessions