The Saddest Landscape (US) - Live in Manila

The Saddest Landscape (US) - Live in Manila

3 December 2017
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It's a dangerous thing, having to bottle all your emotions up. You don't have to anymore. New Jersey post-hardcore legends, THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE are here to help you let go.

You don't have to miss anyone anymore.



The Saddest Landscape (US)
Tangina, I'm trying to not cry while typing this. Just go to the show for fuck's sake. I... just can't even.

Cerebral post-hardcore from the ass-end of the internet. Basically a bunch of nerds.

There are many of them and they move around a lot. Ah shit, they also play fast, loud shit for nerds (but not as bad as that last band).

Crucial Revolution Summer-styled hardcore from this larger-than-life crew. I think they also scared Henry Rollins once or something.

Dark, metallic hardcore for people who think there are colors darker than black.

Life Lost
Emo/melodic hardcore from Laguna. Uh, are you sure you're okay, Alex? We're here for you.

Twinkleviolence is a made-up term, but going to Youtube and playing Algernon Cadwallader on 2x speed is pretty close.

Tortured artist hardcore from the East Coast, but like not Boston. More like, the dark branching wilderness of Morong, Rizal.

Crystalline post-rock lensed through veteran punks' well worn gaze

Warrior is a Child - PH
"Positive" "youth crew" from the "strong south." Totally not a dumb screamo band reuniting under a dumb fake name. You Gary V kidding if you actually believe the latter.