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The Voodoo Sound. The Homecoming.

24 April 2015

The Voodoo Sound. The Homecoming.


I'm going to be direct and tell you to come, because I'm not afraid to tell you that my band will be in its A game. My band will bring forth sheer energy, evoke emotions and get you thinking. My band will break boundaries yet keep you comfortable. My band will get you on your feet dancing and make you shed a tear. After 7 years of hard work you can expect to hear new songs, a revival of our classics and the culmination of our new sound and style. If you have know me long enough and you haven't watched us yet, then I urge you to make a date with us that night. We'll be wearing our hearts on our sleeves and getting intimate with you. To all those who say they hate rock, give this totally brand new breed of rock a shot and I promise you won't be disappointed. We're prepared to give, are you ready to receive?

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Date & Time

24 April at 20:00–22:30


Esplanade Outdoor Theatre


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