The Wild Sea: A Double Bill with Lisa Hannigan and Patrick Wolf

The Wild Sea: A Double Bill with Lisa Hannigan and Patrick Wolf

2 September 2016
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A soothing oceanic purr, a piercing lupine howl—two singer-songwriters stretching the boundaries of introspective, heartfelt folk music. Lisa Hannigan brings us on her continuing nautical journey with At Swim, while Patrick Wolf shares his new material and sound withThe Wildsound Tour.

About Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan first came to light as an angel-voiced, somewhat mysterious figure singing harmonies alongside Damien Rice. In 2008, she self-released her debut Sea Sew, and the full spectrum of her abilities shone brightly through. 

The album was ecstatically received, garnering nominations for a Choice award in Ireland and the Mercury Music Prize in the UK. Confidence boosted, Hannigan explored deeper, darker emotions for her follow-up Passenger, which came out in 2011. If Sea Sew bobbed beautifully on the surface with wide-eyed whimsy, Passenger explored the undercurrents of passion and heartache beneath the waves. 

This year, Hannigan releases At Swim, produced in collaboration with Aaron Dessner of The National. For the first time, here is an album by Hannigan that is lush with vocal harmonies, something she shied away from on previous records. If Hannigan ever gave us the impression that she was lost at sea, she’s a strong enough swimmer now to bring the brightest treasures back for us.

About Patrick Wolf

London-born singer-songwriter, poet, composer and producer Patrick Wolf released his first EP in 2002 at age 18 to a rapturous music press and a rapidly gathering fanbase. Fourteen years later, he has written and produced six brave and brilliant critically acclaimed albums while almost constantly touring the globe. 

In 2013, he took a hiatus to set up Studio Adyton, where he began recording his new material and also completed his first book of poetry The Ghost Region. He also worked with several musicians, playing viola and Celtic harp with longtime collaborator Patti Smith on her Banga tour, dueting with Anna Calvi, and was invited by Yoko Ono to perform at her Southbank Meltdown Festival. 

Now, he embarks on The Wildsound Tour, coinciding with a forthcoming double A-side vinyl and download release.