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This Is Heartbreak X Cherry Discotheque

28 June 2019

This Is Heartbreak X Cherry Discotheque


Our DJs, Thievves (From famed local band Disco Hue) and Clammr (a resident DJ from the old LGBT friendly club, Peaches) will be taking over musical control at Cherry discotheque, examining the subject of heartbreak under the lens of the Emo genre. Expect partying with a chance of tears as we jam to all the Emo songs, about your ex. From the best of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Metro Station and a hint of Britney (cause why not?), also for those Emo rap kids, expect some Juice Wrld and XXXTentacion

All this will be accompanied by cinematic visuals of heartbreaking movie scenes from the likes of Titanic, Love Actually, High School Musical to Game of Thrones (Yes Game of Thrones broke our hearts too), Projected in high Definition, on a full screen wall behind the DJ Console. Giving guest a fully immersive, absolutely heartbreaking experience.

The doors at Cherry Discotheque will open at 1030pm. Entry will be absolutely free for the first 100 ladies. Thereafter, Cover charge will still be more attractive than usual for Ladies @ $30/Pax but inclusive of 2 Free drinks, up from the usual 1 free drink. All attendees will also be entitled to 1-For-1 house pour drinks till Midnight. 

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Date & Time

Friday at 22:30


Cherry Discotheque
133 Cecil Street, Singapore