THIS IS THE 90s X Cherry Discotheque (National Day Edition

THIS IS THE 90s X Cherry Discotheque (National Day Edition

9 August 2019
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THIS IS THE 90s (National Day Edition) 

09.08.18 (Fri) at Cherry Discotheque

Our DJ will be spinning tracks from the 90’s - early 2000’s of all genres. Take a trip down memory lane, with sing-your-heart-out anthems from the backstreet boys, Britney Spears to more urban, R&B hits from TLC, Beyoncé and even rap classics from Tupac and Biggie.

And just for National Day, the visual accompaniments for the night will be montage of footage of Singapore, in the 90s. Projected in high definition, on a full screen wall behind the DJ console, giving our guest a completely immersive experience, pairing the best music of the era with the melancholy of 90s cinema.

The doors at Cherry Discotheque will open at 1030pm. 

Sounds by: Koligraffi & Soundsoffai

Before midnight: 
- FREE ENTRY for the first 100 Ladies
- 1-for-1 Drinks for everyone!

Normal Entry / After midnight : 
- $30 (1 FREE DRINK)