Tiko Disko

Tiko Disko

26 July 2018
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The brainchild of Robin Chua aka KiDG ({Pop Tart/Tiko Disco) was conjured up to revisit the glory days of Asian funk, sultry disco & adult-oriented rock. Re-labeled as 'Jizz Funk & Jacuzzi Soul', the music from Tiko Disko will brings punters back to a time of uninhibited free love and guilty pleasures, where the cocktail soul of kitschy tea-dances rubbed alongside the psychedelic funk coming from the Asian Agogo bars. This is the stuff you’d find in bargain bins or at the back of your dad’s record collection, music that's been misunderstood and marginalized for decades. But now it's time to give these good old dirty tunes the love they deserve, and you’ll never be shy to admit to liking them ever again. Tiko has been running as a pop up event and has grown from strength to strength with a growing following of enthusiasts. 

This special edition of Tiko Disco,  two special guest DJs  DJs Itch (JP, SG) & Yohei Hasegawa (JP, KR) with their brand of Japanese Citypop & Asian Agogo Disco Funk! Admission is free.

Yohei Hasegawa:

Guitarist for Korean rock band, Kiha & The Faces, Yohei Hasegawa is a huge fan & collector of Asian music. Always cratedigging and unearthing gems from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea & other parts of the world, his selection of Asian funk & gogo music will astound you. Just listen to this mixtape of his!

Link: https://www.mixcloud.com/lghopper_yohei/groovy-flowers-of-china-vol1-twist-a-go-go/