Tony Touch

9 October 2015

Tony Touch


Tony Touch, Brooklyn-based Puerto Rican producer/freestyle DJ has been a big gun in the mixtape scene since the 90’s. Touch has been producing rap, reggae, house, R&B, and underground Latin tapes. “50 Emcees Parts 1 & 2”, had won Touch the annual Mixtape Awards’ Best Freestyles two years in a row. This legend has spun at clubs in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico and has toured with the Roots, Guru, Fat Joe, and Big Punisher, among others, and produced songs by Flipmode Squad, Sunz of Man, and Cocoa Brovaz. Touch’s album, “The Piece Maker”, has sold over 400,000 units world- wide and featured legendary artists like, Big Punisher, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and Gang Starr. However, “Piece Maker 2”, featured P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Snoop Dog and even the legendary, Ruben Blades. Oct 9, Friday Admission: Presale, $18 Door, $28 Timings: 2200-0300 Fun Fact: Touch likes Big Bol candies and records under the names Von Bo Bo, Mr. Coco Tosso, and Tony Toca.

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Date & Time

9 October at 22:00–01:00
9 October at 22:00 to 10 October at 01:00


Canvas Singapore
20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk, #B1-01/06, Singapore 058416


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