Toro y Moi LIVE in Singapore

Toro y Moi LIVE in Singapore

1 August 2019
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--- TORO Y MOI ---

Growing up in an incredibly musical family, the tunes of artists from Marvin Gaye to Elvis Costello were always playing in the household - there were no restrictions on genre and everything flowed. In fact, Chaz Bear played in several indie bands before taking on the Toro y Moi alias.
These musical experiences all inevitably contributed to Chaz’s various musical outputs through the years, considering he has released additional material under his different monikers as Les Sins and Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 apart from Toro y Moi.

Toro y Moi’s debut record “Causers of This” subjected critics and fans alike to liken his work to the chillwave genre due to its resemblance in production style as well as heavy sampling. This also led to a lot of speculation that Toro would be bounded by this signature sound - something that has been debunked time and again with the release of subsequent albums. The sophomore follow-up “Underneath The Pine” almost completely abandoned the previous sonic aesthetic and heavy use of sampling, being composed and orchestrated entirely by live instruments this time.

Each ensuing record that followed was led by a really strong sense of theme and genre direction - to just pick a few examples, the 2015 release “What For?” is led by the spirit of psych rock, while the 2017 “Boo Boo” is heavy on R&B elements.

The recent 2019 release “Outer Peace” once again shifts focus and is guided by yet another aural trajectory, feeding heavily on the traits of funk, disco, electronic, and hip hop. Think of vocoders, retro-synthesizers, Bootsy Collins, and 4-on-the-floor.

The chameleon that is Toro y Moi has done something very little artists can - each project he produces and releases is significantly different than its preceding record, but they are still all undeniably Toro y Moi. Now, we’re very excited to finally present you with the chance to have a glimpse of what goes on in this artist’s mind. Toro y Moi’s coming to Singapore.