VCH Open House

VCH Open House

24 May 2017
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Join us at the Victoria Concert Hall for a day of musical fun! From educational workshops, to backstage and historical tours of the building, and not forgetting a variety of performances - there's definitely something for everyone!


Morning Explorers!
9.30am: Concert Hall Opens
10am-11am: Anna's Promise (World-Wide Premiere) by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra
11.30am -12.30pm: Drumming 101 by NADI Singapura
1pm-2pm: Photo-taking on stage (optional)

Afternoon Explorers!
3.30pm: Concert Hall Opens
4pm-5pm: Drumming 101 by NADI Singapura
5.30pm -6.30pm: Performance by the Singapore Symphony Children's Choir (Training Wing)
7pm-8pm: Photo-taking on stage (optional)

Each tour will last an hour, and will start from 8.30am till 7.30pm. 5 tours with 30 slots each will be available for booking. If you're registering for Music Explorers, enjoy this tour at a discounted rate of $5!

1. Science of Music Exhibition @ Dance Studio on Level 3:
Open from 9am - 7pm

2. VCH Historical Tours:
Each tour will last 45 minutes and will start from 9am till 5pm. 6 tours with 60 slots each are available for booking.
Registration begins one hour before each tour.

3. Atrium Performances @ Level 1 (30mins):
10.30am - 11am
2.30pm - 3pm
4.30pm - 5pm

4. Concert Hall Performances:
5.30pm - 6.30pm: Performance by the Singapore Symphony Children's Choir (Training Wing)