What! Another Exhibition? – Concert with Horn Trio

What! Another Exhibition? – Concert with Horn Trio

29 December 2016
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Cuba | a painting cut into two | horn | the Jungle | solitary countryside walks | piano | nudes | a mother's passing | sugar cane slaves | Germany | Paradise | yearning for home | violin

What! Another Exhibition?

You must be wondering: How on earth are all these words and images connected?

Join Ng Wei Ping, Kartik Alan and Wong Yun Qi on the 29 Dec 2016 as we make light of these seemingly random images - in good company of local artist Chen Yanyun, as well as musical and artistic giants including Johannes Brahms, Leo Brouwer, Wilfredo Lam and Eugene Delacroix. Spanning two centuries and continents whilst examining the universal themes of loss, love, sexuality and freedom, we bring to you a programme inspired by raw emotions, conversations between various art forms, and the many elements that come together in making up this adventure and magic we call life.