Wthdrwn: Art Fair

Wthdrwn: Art Fair

20 January 2018
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Art fair

Jan. 20, 2018, Saturday
Warehouse Eight

Live Art | Poetry | Open Mic

The Promethean is creating a series of events that involves a mix of multiple mediums, various art and artists. For the first event, The Promethean has curated a group of illustrators, graphic designers and painters mixed with performing poetry such as poetry reading and spoken word.

The event wants to create an avenue for underdogs, indie, underground, misfits, outcasts, introverts, and people who are generally just misunderstood. Hence, the name of the event, "WTHDRWN" (withdrawn). To create a place where these "withdrawn" people, artist or not, can connect, relate and collaborate.

For ticket inquiries, message us The Promethean!