Wuxia – Theme Songs from Martial Arts Movies and Serials

Wuxia – Theme Songs from Martial Arts Movies and Serials

11 February 2017
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Your favourite wuxia theme songs brought to swashbuckling life.

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra, led by Cultural Medallion recipient Tsung Yeh, together with iconic Cantonese singer Johnny Yip, presents a nostalgic and memorable evening that transports you into a world of martial arts heroes and heroines.

The lightning-quick kungfu moves, the impossible leaps into the air, the themes of integrity and honour—relive the memories as they come flooding back, with iconic songs from classic wuxia films and television serials such as The Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Sabre, Swordsman, The Legend of Master So, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, and more.

This concert also features the orchestra performing to a special version of the groundbreaking wuxia movie One-Armed Swordsman (1967), with music composed by established composers such as Hong Kong composer Lincoln Lo and rearranged by Singapore composers Phoon Yew Tien and Law Wai Lun.

Co-produced by Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay and Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Footages of "One-Armed Swordsman":Licensed by Celestial Pictures Limited. All rights reserved.