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Y2K14 International LIVE LOOP ASIA Festival Singapore: Day 03

27 September 2014

Y2K14 International LIVE LOOP ASIA Festival Singapore: Day 03


Artistry presents; 1st Singapore International Y2K14 Live Loop Asia Festival. Free Admission, Everyone's Invited! Day 3 Y2K14 LIVE LOOP ASIA Festival - Singapore at Artistry on 26th (Sat) Sept. (7.30 pm to closing). 1.Kai (Singapore) 2.Weish (Singapore) 3.Para Sabda (USA) 4.Mandoman (Japan) 5.Randolf Arriola (Singapore) 6.Stylish Nonsense (Thailand) 7.Bani Hykal(Singapore) The very 1st Y2K14 Intl LIVE LOOP ASIA FESTIVAL Singapore features a wide diversity of creative talents coming together from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, France, Holland, Germany, USA and Singapore to showcase their respective craft and art in wide open field of Live Looping in Concepts, Techniques, Technology, Experiments, Genres, Entertainment,Lifestyle, Cultures and Art . LIVE LOOP ASIA is part of Rick Walker's Y2K Intl Live Looping Festivals the mother of all affiliated festivals across USA and Europe. Live Loop Asia is also an active part of the international creative network of "Looper's Delight " which was initiated by the late Kim Flint who together with Matthias Grob (Inventor of the Echoplex Digital Pro) in the 90's founded the online community that continues to grow and expand and now finally for the first time officially in Asia.

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

27 September at 20:00–23:00


17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149


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