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Ilyas Sholihyn

Terminally chill.
This Town Needs TTNG: How a prank equated to an amazing gig with the math rockers

This Town Needs TTNG: How a prank equated to an amazing gig with the math rockers

What started as an innocent hoax played on my former fiancé — now wife, don’t worry — turned into a pretty amazing post-wedding gift when British m... Read more »

A Dog Day Evening in Singapore with Snarky Puppy

Smooth, cerebral and a downright joy to watch and listen to, Grammy-award winning jazz fusion outfit Snarky Puppy are dropping by our shores this... Read more »

Sounds From The Underground: Syndicate Presents The Beat Invitational EP

Uncovering the freshest beats and pushing young producers out from the bedroom and into the spotlight, the Beat Invitational sessio... Read more »

The Bandwagon Music Market 2014: Interview with A Vacant Affair

11 years together and still going strong, the dynamic A Vacant Affair know a thing or two about how to put on a great, high-energy show - just lo... Read more »
Regenerating A Masterpiece: The Last Of Us Remastered

Regenerating A Masterpiece: The Last Of Us Remastered

Music and gaming have always gone hand in hand together, especially so in the past few years. Gaming soundtracks (and gaming as a medium really) ha... Read more »

Amateur Takes Control Takes On Vinyl

A little less than a year ago, the now defunct Home Club was all abuzz and jam-packed to the door in a highly anticipated show called "Sayonara... Read more »

Victoria Le Grand: Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall Reopens

After going through four long years of refurbishment, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is finally opening its historic doors once again, s... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: tide/edit

We've already been fans of Filipino instrumental rock outfit tide/edit ever since our ANECHOIS bros introduced us to their amazing IDEAS EP - a... Read more »

IGNITE! Music Festival Special: Stopgap

"The next song is called Bender, sing along if you know the lyrics," frontman Adin Kindermann said at Stopgap's Baybeats set. What ensued was a... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Spartak

Mysterious, brooding and dream-like, the music of Australian electronic/experimental outfit Spartak conjure almost tangible landscapes - though o... Read more »