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778 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198746

Upcoming Gigs

There are no upcoming gigs at this venue.

About This Venue

L’esprit de l‘escalier (Staircase Wit) or Afterwit, coined by French philosopher and writer Denis Diderot, is a term used for the phenomena of attaining wisdom that comes a tad too late. Except that, in the world we live in, nothing is too late. We had every intention to launch a place with a cookie-cutter brunch menu, up until we were struck by an afterthought - why not enjoy gourmet tacos or burritos with artisanal coffee? Afterwit was therefore borne out of a passion for Halal Mexican food with an indie cafe setting. Visit us at 778 North Bridge Road (beside Aliwal Street) for your caffeine and latin fix. Muchos gracias amigos!


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