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Piedra Negra

Piedra Negra

241 Beach Road & Haji Lane, Singapore

Upcoming Gigs

There are no upcoming gigs at this venue.

About This Venue

Is this an art museum or a restaurant? As it turns out, Piedra Negra is both. Though it sits at the quiet end of Haji Lane, near Beach Road, the pink and the blues of its exterior practically scream at you to go indoors. Inside is a treasure trove of handmade artwork: Quaint lamps made from recycled materials, intricate mosaic tilework, life-size sculptures of everything from a torero to a Mardi Gras-masked Spanish dancer. Once you are done ogling the decor, you can drool over the menu, which ups the ante on other Mexican menus here with dishes like rollito de platano, a breaded roll stuffed with poblano chili, creamy cheese and banana, and the alambre, a twist on the usual fajita, with tender diced beef served on warm tortillas. The bar serves a good variety of Mexican beers and tequilas. Piedra Negra is challenging the “Arab” in Arab street and offers something completely different from area’s restaurants.


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