About our news sponsorship programme

Bandwagon's news sponsorship programme allows our clients and partners to present their brand, products and message to you while also helping to financially support the Bandwagon editorial team in our quest to unearth and bring you music and entertainment news from Asia and beyond.

These are not advertorials or sponsored news posts. Our sponsors do not dictate our content nor the editorial team's decisions on our news. Our sponsors sign up because they believe in the credibility and authority in the music and entertainment scene that Bandwagon represents to our readers.

We believe that the news sponsorship programme is a win-win-win for our readers, for our sponsors and for Bandwagon.


1. How does the news sponsorship programme work?
Sponsorship is on a weekly basis, in exchange for our sponsor's name, message, an image and a link permanently appearing on news articles published in that week. To help maintain our editorial integrity, features, reviews and other non-news articles are excluded from this programme.

2. Do your sponsors influence or control what news gets posted on Bandwagon?
Our sponsors do not in any way influence or control what news gets posted on Bandwagon as part of the news sponsorship programme. This is not an advertorial or sponsored news product.

3. Who is the news sponsorship programme open to?
The programme is open to any person or organisation that appreciates Bandwagon's voice in the music and entertainment scene and wants to bring what they have to offer to our readers.

4. How do I participate in the news sponsorship programme?
You can send an email to sales@bandwagon.sg. Our team will be in touch with you.