About Us

What is Bandwagon?

Founded in 2011, Bandwagon's mission is to connect people to music in Asia, and give local music a bigger stage, whichever city we are in. People use Bandwagon to find gigs, discover new artists, and read fresh content about music in Asia. Founded in Singapore, Bandwagon was voted "Best Local Startup of 2014" by Singapore's longest running lifestyle publication, SG Magazine, and has been featured on the likes of BBC, Esquire, Timeout, Yahoo, Straits Times etc.

Why the name Bandwagon?

In the 19th century, bandwagons were used to transport musicians from one county to another. We are a modern take on an old word, housing the information of musicians online, and helping them to be discovered by people. The common phrase “jump on the bandwagon” also denotes a call to action toward something that’s in demand. We want people to hop on our bandwagon, and be the platform that comes to mind when people think of music in Asia.

Who started Bandwagon?

Bandwagon was started by Clarence, as an undergraduate student who wanted to scratch his own itch, and find a better way to keep track of gigs. Back then, there were no Facebook pages, plenty of outdated venue websites, and just occasional gig recommendations from lifestyle websites. Hibernating in his bedroom, Clarence learnt to code and built the first few versions of Bandwagon, which can actually be seen here.

What are Bandwagon’s future plans?

We want to be the name that comes to mind when someone thinks of music in Asia. Quality editorial content, useful tech driven features which enrich the life of music lovers, and events which connect people to good music in meaningful and novel ways.

What are some existing features that I can leverage on?

You can sign up for The Insider by Bandwagon . This allows you to get a personal recommendation of gigs and articles, based on artists that you follow over time on our site. If you like a gig, you can also choose to add it to your desktop or mobile calendar, so you’ll be sure to remember it. Not sure of which gig to go, we also have a "feeling lucky" button you could click to let fate point you to the gig you’re meant to be at. We’re adding other new features to the site, so do keep a lookout!

Where does Bandwagon make money?

Bandwagon makes money through advertising, content, events, and campaigns with brands that leverage on our expertise, knowledge and credibility in the music space.

How can I be part of what Bandwagon is doing?

We're always on the lookout for talent. Whether you code well, think you make a good salesmen, or sing well in the shower, drop us a note at join@bandwagon.sg!

Do you offer internships?

Yes, we do. We don’t adhere to any academic calendars and some of our interns choose to take a leave of absence to join us. Interns at Bandwagon get to work on real world projects and interact with an awesome crew of music-loving colleagues.