(((O))) releases debut sundrop album, (((1))) – listen

(((O))) releases debut sundrop album, (((1))) – listen

((( O ))) has unleashed her debut album, ((( 1 ))), on Tuesday, 27 August. The album, which she termed as a "sundrop", is a culmination of 12 singles, known as "moondrops", that was released every full moon over the course of the last year.

((( 1 ))) is the first full-length album in an ambitious project embarked by ((( O ))) to release a new moondrop single every full moon over the course of 12 years. According to the Filipina artist, ((( 1 ))) is "a return to nature for those who need it". 

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In a statement made via her social media accounts, she shares:

(sic) thank yu to everyone who has blessed me on this journey, all the way up to this important part of my life that i wouldn’t be able to express in any other way than music. from my disappearance, to my name change, and thru all the beautiful low-points and overcomings - im so happy to finally let go of this first release of sundrops into the world. thank yu for growing with me thru time

Check out ((( O )))'s debut sundrop record, ((( 1 ))), below.