10 Best Covers of the Game of Thrones Theme Tune


By the Seven, is it that time already? Everyone's favourite medieval fantasy/soft porn TV show Game Of Thrones is returning this very Sunday? Huzzah! The fourth season returns with even more intrigue, especially so after that heart-wrenching Red Wedding incident in S03E09. Will Castle Black be able to stop both the wildlings AND the White Walkers? Will Daenarys ever tame her dragons? Do the Starks get their revenge? Will somebody finally punch Joffrey in the throat? Does Jorah Mormont get out of the friendzone? What ever happened to Theon Greyjoy's dismembered member? 

We really can't get enough of Westeros' sociopolitical tension and drama, and 14.2 million people will agree with us. It's become a full-blown cultural phenomenon this Game Of Thrones; it has become one of the most essential TV series to watch, much like Breaking Bad and True Detective (nay to you Agents Of SHIELD). It always feels like an event watching the opening credits of the show, where you can't stop yourself from singing that grand, ominous theme song. In anticipation of the return this Sunday, here's 10 invariably awesome covers of the main title. We'll see you guys soon, and remember: Valar Morghulis.


For a lush version of this epic theme song, we chose this acoustic version by usually electronic artist Modulogeek from Philippines. It actually sounds like it could be part of the show itself. 

On 8 floppy drives 

How do people even think like this? 


And then even pets get on the action as well. There's even a dog version, if you prefer the K9 species. 


Of course, there has to be a dubstep version somewhere. GoT fans are rampant everywhere.


Probably the oddest version there is out there, this one also throws in horns. Truly a Game of Two-Tones. 


We all have a soft spot for the 8-bit genre, the music of nerds. Let us unite. 

Violin Rock 

So fun you might even want to try this out on your own. Also, probably the most epic sounding of the lot. 


This is the cover that we all would like for the real theme tune. 


This one wouldn't stray too much from the fantasy-like world of Game of Thrones, and the girls also do covers of other pretty neat stuff like a Skyrim and Lord of The Rings medley. 


You need to hear at least an orchestral version of this tune, really.