10 Ridiculous Songs That Have Ever Existed

From the makers of Rebecca Black's 'Friday', we had a little oriental treat early this week in the form of Alison Gold's 'Chinese Food'. Like it's predecessor, it is also absurd and mindless. It is easy to pick to on whatever is wrong with this video (we won't defend it - go ahead and pick on it) but to be honest, there have been many before youngling Alison Gold who have put out far more ridiculous videos. There are funny ones, like Flight of The Conchords and The Lonely Island and the plain nonsensical... like the ones on the list. In the mix are some more recent ones, a couple of themed videos (pffft the late 90s/early 00s) and a foreign language on that will make you sit in front of your screen and question your life choices. 

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Chinese Food - Alison Gold

Is it racist? Is is blatant stereotyping? Is it just... dense? Pandas, rainbows, rappers in panda suits, chow mo-mo-mo mein, you can't exactly point out which parts are wrong, you know it's definitely wrong. We can forgive Alison Gold for being young, naive and sheltered but what is the dude doing with the noodles at the beginning of the video? Also, RIP Patrice Wilson's rap career.

What Does The Fox Say - Ylvis

Like PSY's music, we're gonna hear about this song months after it hits. Absurd without taking itself too seriously, this passes off as a parody more than anything. With killer lines like 'fish goes blub' and horses that speak in 'mo-o-o-o-orse', it is going to be quite a memorable one this one. 

Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65 

The year was 1999 and Eurodance was the popular go to genre for the radio-listening crowd. At some point, it was also everyone's ringtone on their Nokia (it was either this or 'Freestyler'). But have you ever thought about what it means? No. It also spawned other ridiculous musical trends like Gummibear and Crazy Frog. We're really glad we made it through this phase. 

Shoes - Liam Kyle Sullivan

Oh my god, shoes. 

Calcutta - Dr. Bombay

"The song is sung from the perspective of Dr. Bombay, an eccentric Indian taxi driver who is employed by his uncle and, despite his impaired vision and lack of a license to operate, loves to drive his taxi." His next song was also about India and he sang about 'Rice and Curry' - he is actually Swedish. 

You A Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

It's really easy to singalong to this one, you can bet on that. Basically a diss track for rapper Lil' Kim, it's pretty elaborate for a spat. Why would you waste 4 minutes of your album tracklisting for a diss song. Take it somewhere ladies. 

Everything by Vengaboys

All party songs because they like to party, they like, they like to party. Yes, we know that very well.

Broken Wear

If there is the one video you are going to show to friends and have everyone appreciate it, this is it. It transcends everyone's niche comedy tastes and it is just bloody funny. You'd find yourself singing along, no matter how absurd this is which is why this is the best ridiculous song video ever. 0:14 - 'Nice train.'