10 Things To Check Out at The Singapore Night Festival 2014

It's time to get nocturnal as the annual Singapore Night Festival returns. It's where art, music, and all things eye-opening and inspirational collide, right in the heritage district of Singapore town. How in the seventh edition, the festival dre over 40,000 people last year. The theme this year is Bold & Beautiful, so you can expect a visually-stunning, moving and multi-sensory experience while you are perusing the streets at the festival. With so much going on and in different areas of the district, we have decided to point you in the right direction with 10 of the most exciting things to check out at the Night Festival, happening over two weekends, 23-24 August and 29-30 August. 

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1. Wrestlemania

Who knew Singapore had a wrestling scene! Well we do, and we're gonna check out some heavyweight action and play-fighting happening right in the middle of the street. Just like the WWE, you can cheer for the underdog and lend some solidarity as they strut out into the arena. 

2. Block Party

Once again, The Substation play host to a maddening line-up of Singapore's musical talents, covering a huge host of genres. This year, up on stage in from of The Substation will be likes of the psychedelic-chill Spacedays, the intensifying energy of The Psalms, the immersive ambience of The Observatory, gloom folk vibes of Hell Low, and many more. Immerse yourself in the setting, it's rare that we get to close down the road for a gig! 

3. Hawker Alley

Teh tarik, local kueh, some home-made snacks? All set. The tiny lane next to The Substation is open for business as usual during the Night Festival. Pop by for a quick cuppa before you set out to explore the weekend chaos at the festival. 

4. Rom-Com Weekend

Quite the opposite of the Lonely Hearts Club, seek refuge as The Substation Moving Image will be curating the screening of some select local romantic comedies, keeping things topical and close to home. Screenings will be held at two venues this time, The Substation and the Hotel Rendezvous courtyard. 


There's going to be music everywhere as NOISE Singapore will be setting up camp at SAM at 8Q for some performances showcasing emerging  bands and musicians from the NOISE Singapore Music Programme. There'll be over 10 acts featured over the two days so make sure you catch 'em all.

6. The Cloud of Unknowing

Over at the Singapore Arts Museum, The Cloud of Unknowing is a video installation piece focused on the cloud as image, metaphor, and carrier of divine illumination. Renowned musicians Bani Haykal and Randolf Arriola will be doing live performances during the exhibit to bring you places. 

7. Night Lights

What is the Night Festival without the attractive light exhibits all over the precinct? See the facade of the SAM building transform into a giant canvas showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature, watch as dresses woven from 40 kilometres of fibre optic cables slowly change colour through the night in the Armenian Church courtyard, witness glow-in-the-dark pebbles at the National Museum of Singapore, and many more light exhibits you can chance upon.

8. Really Really Free (Really)

We all like our free stuff, that's for sure. Check out the Singapore Really Really Free Market where nothing costs a thing. If you have something to giveaway (including your skills), feel free to set up a stall; and if you see something you like, you can have it as well - everyone's happy.

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9. Homemade at SMU Green 

Under the trees over at SMU Green, another musical extravaganza is happening. Bask in the chill atmosphere of the lawn and enjoy performances by the soulful Vandetta, the feel-good 60s vibes of The Pinholes, the urban beats of Shigga*Shay, and more bands over the two weekends of the Night Festival. 

10. Festival Village 

At the heart of all the bustle is the Festival Village located at Cathay Green. It's a dedicated zone where you can find food and drink stalls, enjoy some musical accompaniment by acoustic bands, and even catch short films by local filmmakers. Think of a it as a compact version of the things you can find at the Night Festival.

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