16 year old Indonesian rapper gets the thumbs up from Desiigner, Ghostface Killah, Flatbush Zombies

16 year old Indonesian rapper gets the thumbs up from Desiigner, Ghostface Killah, Flatbush Zombies

It started as a semi-serious joke. A home-schooled Indonesian kid with a YouTube account and a penchant for comedy, poking fun at the popular concept of American #gangsta culture (as so many of these stories begin). He had a fair number of followers then, but after uploading the music video for his original track "Dat $tick", 16 year old Brian Imanuel, or now more popularly known as Rich Chigga, suddenly saw his view count shooting through the roof.

"He's 16?! Damn this *igga the future!" - Goldlink

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Indeed, what kind of a ludacris name is Rich Chigga? Well according to his 86k YouTube subscribers and the 4 over million people who watched his music video, just the right parts ridiculous and even more parts cool.

The music video for "Dat $tick" features Brian (clad in a pink polo shirt, khaki shorts, and a Reebok fanny pack) along with his posse of equally #gangsta friends, waving around guns and taking the traditional dab/prayer stances of popular hip-hop culture. His voice and lyrical delivery are so deeply incongruous with the image on screen that audiences the world over couldn't help but be intrigued.

Initially teetering precariously between dismissable joke and actual wit, young Brian may see his rapping career taking off just yet, now with the stamp of approval from a slew of prominent rappers and hip-hop artists including Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, New York native hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies, and Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier,

In a video by 88rising, whereby the reactions of participating artists were recorded as they watched Brian's video, disbelief at how this kid could rap with more flow and swagger than "70% of Americans" (there's no hard research behind this statistic, but coming from Tory Lanez it sounds very legitimate) was repeatedly expressed. Even though English isn't even his first language, Brian managed to impress such a distinguished panel of peoples with his voice and songwriting, and if this isn't testament to some semblance of talent we don't know what is. This could very well be the beginning of a bright career.

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