5 WTF Japan Videos

Mega band ONE OK ROCK will be performing at the Hard Rock Coliseum and we decided to take it upon us to be turning Japanese. While ONE OK ROCK is a band known for craftily blending in emo, metal and that compelling brand of J-Rock, we decide to turn our sights to Japan that is slightly offbeat. 

Ah, Japan. The land of the odd, where cute and bizarro lay adjacent to each other on the same spectrum; where one can be conservative and incredibly open at the same time. In this instalment, we look into 5 music related videos that make you question life in Japan, life itself, and your sanity. 

Other Japanese bands to check out

1. "Pon Pon Pon"

Harujuku. What comes to mind is encapsulated in this one video. The Kawaii culture, the silly animation, the Neoprint-like backdrops, it is a visual overload. Thing is, at the core of it, 'Pon Pon Pon' plays like a really good pop song. Some fans include Katy Perry and Grimes, who have individually borrowed some elements of this culture in their music or appearances. 

2. "Nice Peace"

Yeah, it's just an old man in a sailor dress, prancing around, singing cheery songs and being all cute for the camera. No big deal. Apparently, it is a thing in Japan, the most famous being Hideaki Kobayashi

3. Diarrhoea Song

Technically not a song per se, the diarrhoea song segment comes out of nowhere. From a 'Learn English' bit to girls in exercise attire singing about malfunctioning bowel movements. Oh Japan, that escalated quickly. 

4. "My Dragon"

It really is hard trying to figure out or explain what this is. At the beginning you'd think it is another kawaii video, and then the growly vocals happen. It is frightening, grotesque, bold, provocative...

5. "Babymetal"

J-Pop + Metal + Kawaii-core is Babymetal. Chaotic and really quite catchy, don't be fooled by the sweet demure frontlady. I really hope this is a video about the dangers of head-banging. Or a safety video of the importance of the neck brace when head-banging.