7 Places Out Of Town For Live Music

Life in the city can be such a hustle sometimes, and we understand that at times it is good to take a break from the CBD regions when it comes to dining, drinking, and live music. We present to you a few sweet spots in all parts of Singapore not located downtown where you can kick back, have a beer, and enjoy good music. There's quite a selection - from the far eastern parts to the city fringes. 

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Tiong Bahru Bar

The newest of the lot of hip joints at Tiong Bahru, TBB is a sprawling space where you could enjoy a delectable menu, the sweet cocktail selection and on some nights, a solid line up of live music. Be sure to pop by TBB after a day of walking the quirky alleyways and exploring the quaint neighbourhood. 


Right on Siloso Beach, Coastes is idyllic and ideal for a day on the beach. Come for brunch of generous portions by the seaside and some sunbathing later (there are sunbeds), and stay for the jazz music they have on some nights. Remember to make use of the beach bar for some delightful coolers and beers. 

Bob's Bar

Reminiscent of 50s/60s Cuban beach bars, Bob's Bar is simply stunning. Overlooking the sea, choose to laze outdoors on daybeds or unwind indoors with a delicious cocktail or beverages while enjoying the jazz live bar that play there Wednesdays to Fridays. 

Wala Wala

Go back to the place that kickstarted the pub music movement in Singapore years ago. Still continuing in the tradition of great bands, chill out vibes and food great for sharing, Wala Wala is still the place to be after all these years. 

The Training Shed 

Hidden away in Labrador Park, this charming space is home to the popular Sundays At The Training Shed series. It's a great place to bring your family, especially on those Sundays where DJs, graffiti artists and revellers come together for a great day out with live music, good beer and BBQ. Be sure to drop by on some Sundays when they have their events!  

Tanjong Beach Club 

This beach club at Sentosa might be the coolest getaway from the mainland's urban jungle. Dedicated to the free-spirited and laid-back vibes of beach culture, TBC holds regular DJ events, providing exciting beach parties to look forward to. The club also offers seafood dining every day and beach barbecues on weekends, which should brighten up your day away from the city.

The Coastal Settlement

On one of the island in Changi is this breezy and lush establishment. Sit outside and enjoy the view of the trees and sprawling greens but come inside and bask in the quaint decor (Vespas on shelves!). On some nights there will be live music to accompany your dinner or beer night out.