7 Times Tenacious D Made Us Laugh Hysterically

Tenacious D is one of those bands that transcend music. The self-proclaimed “Greatest Band in the World” started out as a project between two actors in a theatre troupe before Jack Black, one-half of the duo, got picked up to star in sketch comedy TV show Mr. Show and eventually exploded in popularity with a string of hilarious films. Since then, he continued Tenacious D with many funny cinematic music videos and a movie as well. We’ve compiled the 7 funniest Tenacious D moments that made us laugh our pants off and believe in the power of the D. 



Ah, yes. The one that started it all. The greatest and best song in the world…Tribute. We don’t need to say much. You probably know all the lyrics by now.


Tenacious D vs. Satan. In an ironic twist, Dave Grohl aka frontman of Foo Fighters aka nicest guy in rock plays the overlord of Hell.


In what is Tenacious D’s most head-scratching (but still hilarious) project, they recorded an 11-minute song called Jazz and yes, it’s a jazz song. Well it depends how you define jazz, anyway.

Master Exploder

Triple-neck guitar solos, a microphone in flames and someone’s head literally blown away. Jack Black fantasises about his dream gig. See if you can spot the celeb cameos here too. 


A pretty epic version of a origin story, we see a mini Jack Black - great casting! - rocking out and swearing around the house. Pretty much sets the tone of the movie: it’s gonna be big, loud, and always in your face. 

Tiger Rolls

All the rock frontmen in the world can just give up already. Jack Black knows the perfect stage move.

American Idol

The thing about Tenacious D is that they don’t do subtle, and probably never will. Even their appearance on American Idol is dramatic, limelight stealing and just hilarious. Like the movies, cameos are aplenty too.