CL dedicates comeback single 'Post Up' to GZBz – watch

CL dedicates comeback single 'Post Up' to GZBz – watch


CL sure knows how to make a statement.

Opening with "Bet you ain't never seen a baddest Asian like me, I go by the name of, you already know" in her comeback track 'Post Up', the former 2NE1 girl group member made a powerful return with her first 2020 single and music video.

The followup to 2019's In the Name of Love, the new single serves as an "appetiser" for her upcoming music. 


CL, whose real name is Lee Chaerin, explained on Instagram that the track was dedicated to her GZBz (fans of CL), as a thank you for supporting and waiting for her new music. 

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안녕하세요 GZBz 그리고 저를 응원하고 기다려주신 여러분들🍒 정말 오래간만에 얼굴 비추게 되어서 개인적으로 매 순간 너무 설레고 감사한 마음으로 준비했네요. 하고 싶은 말이 너무 많아 어디서부터 어디까지 어떻게 여러분들과 소통할까 고민하다가. 항상 그래왔듯이 제가 가장 솔직하게 저 자신을 표현할 수 있는 노래와 춤으로 전달하게 되었어요! +POST UP+은 저를 믿고 너무 오래 기다려준 우리 팬분들 GZB들을 위해 감사한 마음으로 앨범 발매 전에 미리 공개하는 짧은 비디오에요! 빨리 여러분과 소통하고 싶어서 이것만 먼저 선보이게 되었지만, 특별히 준비한 저의 선물이니! 저의 마음이 잘 전달됐으면 해요. 10월을 시작으로 싱글들과 정규 앨범 발매까지 계속 달릴 테니 POST UP 마음껏 즐기고 음미하면서 몸 풀고 있기! 우리 GZB들과 다시 추억 만들 생각에 기대돼요. 건강하시고! 항상 감사합니다🍒

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Check out the English translation here:

"Hello, GZBZ and to all of you who have been supporting me and waiting for me, it's been a long time since I've shown you my face, so I'm very excited and thankful. I have so many things to say. I was thinking about how to communicate with you.‬

As always, I've been able to express myself most honestly with songs and dances! +POST UP+ is a short video that I will release before the album with gratitude for my fans who have trusted me and waited for so long! I wanted to communicate with you quickly, so l just showed you this first, but it's my special gift! I hope my feelings are conveyed well.

Starting in October, we'll continue to run from the single to the full-length album release, so enjoy POST UP to your heart's content, savour and warm up! I'm looking forward to making memories with GZBZ again. Stay healthy! Thank you always.” 

CL was also scheduled to host a livestream countdown with her fans for the music video premiere, but the stream was marred by technical difficulties. Going on Instagram Live, CL assured her fans that she will have the tech issues sorted out for her next release.

2NE1 fans (known as BLACKJACKs) were also pleasantly surprised while some completely lost it, when they heard the shoutout to the girl group in the track, with the lyric '2NE1 my past, my forever blessing'. (Keep your eyes peeled for the 2NE1 sign in the video!)