((( O ))) shares her "love story" with new sundrop ((( 2 ))) – listen

((( O ))) shares her "love story" with new sundrop ((( 2 ))) – listen

Another 12 cycles have come and pass, thus parting the skies for a new sundrop from ((( O ))).

On Thursday midnight (08/27), the Filipina neo-soul singer unveiled her sophomore album ((( 2 ))), which she calls a love story from her perspective. The album includes the tracks 'Less Than Three' and 'iFeel' featuring FKJ.

The music of ((( O ))), individually called "moondrops," follows the off-grid artist's journey with every full moon. She then brings them together at the end of 12 cycles to form a full-length album or a "sundrop."

((( O ))) on embracing a sustainable lifestyle and the importance of seeds

"I followed a series of numbers I realised were communicating with me since I was a child, and led me to the rhythms of nature as my guide to planning and manifesting everything that is considered art," ((( O ))) tells Bandwagon in an interview about how she came up with the idea of moondrops.

The new moondrop also features guest spots by Ta-ku and Matt McWaters' Please Wait, Darius, and J. Sollen.

(((2))) has reached over 1 million streams on its first week of release.

Stream ((( 2 ))) below.

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