A Double Serving of Other Sounds: Taragana Pyjarama and Lafidki

And so they've done it. Other Sounds have spoiled us with back-to-back nights of music by two international acts. While they might not be household names yet, there's no reason in the world to overlook Taragana Pyjarama (DEN) and Lafidki (CAM). One specialises in music that induces chill and calm in the room, and the other sounds like you should stay awake and pay attention - we revisit those nights. 

We slipped into the scattering melodies of Taragana Pyjarama on Thursday at the hip and minimalist Life Is Beautiful Kitchen & Bar where the coloured light swirled on concrete surfaces during the set, making it easy to drown in the chillwave vibes. There were bright and lively moments during songs that got the bolder of the crowd to dance. 

On Friday, contrasting the smooth, luxurious beats of Taragana was a night of varied noise that, while challenging to some, was a rewarding experience for those who understood the often-misunderstood genre. This time at Artistry, things warmed up that night with the experimental rhythms of No Rome whose brand of electronic music was gentler than the rest of the line-up. The Filipino musician, decked out in an unassuming leather jacket and a flower crown, was perfect in transitioning to the next act, Boykulisap who was another export from the Philippines. While No Rome had a fixation with melody in harmony with unconventional beats, Boykulisap was preoccupied with texture and abrasive drones. 

The first of two A/V sets that night, FullBlackOrder unleashed a cacophonous barrage of experimental music alongside a disarraying set of visuals. The headliner, Cambodia-born artist Lafidki had a similar approach but sugared his noise synths that provided an experience that was initially inviting but proved to be disorientating but nonetheless intriguing. You could say that summed up the entire night.

Words by Daniel Peters & Delfina Utomo