A Night of Whimsical Pop with Lenka

As Lenka Kripac and her band were performing on stage, two things became apparent to me. First, Lenka is a very talented musician singer-songwriter who sounds, appears, and just simply is as good, if not better live than she is on record. Second, Lenka’s band in itself is a subtle display of audacity. Keeping expert timing without a drummer or bassist is no easy feat, ladies and gentlemen.

Performing mostly songs from her first two albums, Lenka and Two, she kept the mood high. Again, her virtuosity as a musician was evident.

To mix things up a little, Lenka would play a different instrument in every song. It could go something like this: her little MIDI keyboard first (which she calls a very “serious” instrument), tambourines next, piano, a little trumpet and then back to her keyboard. Multi-tasking and multi-instrumentalism - she's got that covered. 

But maybe the most singularly most impressive and important  attribute displayed by the artiste was her ability to connect with the audience. Sharing with us some personal tidbits, interacting with the audience to clap along with her during the song “Everything’s Okay”. Those of us already in love with the performer fell even more so, and anybody who had any reservations about her as a performer, musician, or artist left with none.

The set list was a delightful mix - she opened the show with “Nothing Here But Love” and we were also treated to most of the songs from Lenka’s forthcoming album, as well as a cover of “Mr Tambourine Man”, a Bob Dylan classic, and even some songs which weren’t included on the album. However, it was still "The Show" which we couldn’t help humming all the way home.

This cheerfulness continued way after the show had ended. Some came with no expectations and was visibly pleasantly surprised, judging from the many that had stayed back for the post-show meet and greet.

It would be easy dismiss Lenka’s music as light sugary pop confections, but that would be a disservice to her considerable talents. It’s music to elevate your mood, and there aren’t many more worthwhile aims than that.

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