Take a playlisted tour of lyf Funan

Take a playlisted tour of lyf Funan

Presented by lyf 

Formally the Funan DigitaLife Mall, Funan will be the site of lyf Funan Singapore, a game-changing coliving space come October 2019. A place where local elements in music, F&B, fashion and art collide, lyf (pronounced ‘life’) is The Ascott Limited’s new coliving brand designed by millennials, for millennials.

Expanding the idea of "home", lyf is purpose-built to encourage the creativity of its tenant-creators to blossom and manifest. The lyf community will be one where ideas are exchanged and bounced around in a communal setting that celebrates individuality and self-expression. 

In the broader, grander scheme of things, lyf also flies the flag for the Singapore story, under the banner #lyfgoesLOCAL. As it grows its presence in Singapore, lyf's unique brand experience will foster a community that will enrich what it means to live, work and play in Singapore.


Seeking to foster community living amongst the change-makers and adventure-seekers, the upcoming lyf Funan Singapore will house 279 apartments and encourage people to Live Your Freedom!

Since music is one of the best ways to complement a space, we will take you on a tour of each type of room offered by lyf Funan through specially curated playlists of Singaporean music that reflect each room's distinct charms. 

Get a glimpse of lyf’s showcase space at: Bandwagon Presents x lyf session ft. Axel Brizzy and YAØ

One of a Kind (Studio Room)

Featuring one queen-sized bed, open storage and one bathroom, the One of a Kind room is especially catered for the solo explorer. Privacy and personal space are optimised in this layout – all the better for you to plan your next power moves. As such, you'll need tunes from solo artists who have committed to being uncompromisingly original in their artistry.

As you enjoy your new space, celebrate the next-level musicality of the likes of Charlie Lim and more below. 

Two of a Kind (Paired Room)

Some of us work best with a partner in crime. Some of us need a special someone to bring out the best in us. That's why the Two of a Kind room is an ideal choice. A spacious work desk allows for you and your partner ample room to work on your projects and to host and participate in video conferences – be they individual or collaborative. Besides that, your creature comforts are fully taken care of with the two bedrooms and kitchenette. 

To soundtrack your tag-team partnership, we've curated songs by six of the most irresistible collaborations in modern Singaporean pop music.

Up & Down (Bunk Room)

Not to be confused with the Two of a Kind room, the Up & Down room offers a different kind of communal charm. With single-sized bunk beds, open storage and a bathroom, it is the perfect living arrangement for a buddy and you. This is a sanctuary for bros and besties who work and play together.

This room demands nothing less than a selection of high-energy, body-blasting party anthems such as 'Mustafa' by Yung Raja, and more. 

All Together (Apartment Suite)

Squad goals! The All Together apartment suites ranges from 2 to 6 bedrooms. It includes facilities such as a kitchenette, bathrooms, as well as video conferencing facilities to support your group ventures and operations.

The Sam Willows, Caracal, and Wicked Aura are amongst Singapore's most beloved and essential groups. And their sounds will complement this space greatly. Just like a group of friends making music together, a group of friends living and working together is sure to produce something special and significant. 

Bandwagon Presents x lyf featuring Axel Brizzy and YAØ will take place on 26 June, 7pm. Entry is free and you can RSVP here

lyf Funan will open in September 2019. Click here for a sneak peek.