Aaron Yan, Rainie Yang, Lulu, and more call out cyberbullying in the wake of Sulli's death

Aaron Yan, Rainie Yang, Lulu, and more call out cyberbullying in the wake of Sulli's death

The world continues to mourn the death of Korean singer and actress Sulli, famed for her stint in the girl group f(x), who passed away yesterday.

She was 25 years old and the cause of her death has not yet been officially confirmed. 

Sulli had always been vocal about her opinions and done things deemed controversial in South Korea, such as publicly showing support when South Korea's Constitutional Court ruled that anti-abortion rules were unconstitutional and declaring herself as pro-choice, going against conventional dressing norms and advocating for Korean's comfort women by sharing a poster on Instagram announcing 14 August as the official Comfort Women's Memorial Day. 

As a result, for many years, she had been a target of cyberbullying and hate comments. Following the news of her death, celebrities openly spoke up about the destructive effects of cyberbullying.

As fans in the K-pop community continue to express their grief, so do artists from within and without. Below are some poignant tributes. 

Aaron Yan, Mandopop singer and ex-member of now-defunct boy group Fahrenheit, emphasises on the power of words and pleads that everyone think twice before sending hateful messages in his post. He ends his post on a frustrated note, saying that he cannot stand the voices saying, "Why do they choose to do this?" whenever someone who cannot withstand the pain anymore chooses to end their lives. 

Taiwanese TV host, singer and actress, Lulu, also conveys a similar sentiment in her Instagram post. Her opening paragraph speaks for itself powerfully: "Sometimes I really wonder if cyberbullies truly know what they are doing. If you comment hateful things to hurt people, your life will not be enriched nor will your status be raised. You are just deluding yourself that you are morally superior, that's all."

有時候真的覺得這些在網路霸凌別人的人到底知不知道自己做了什麼事 你在網路上寫下一段批評或傷害別人的話 你的人生不會因此光彩 你的格局也不會因此拉高 那只是你自以為是的清高罷了 我真的很討厭這樣 你會你來嘛 不要只留言 這樣到底算什麼呢 這時候又會有人說 你們是公眾人物 本來就應該接受任何評論 是啊 有好的批評我們絕對虛心接受 但這個社會每天加諸給我們太多莫名其妙的「建議」 我們的心是肉做的 再怎麼堅強的人都會生病吧 「她長這樣好醜!」 「他就是歌壇毒瘤啦!」 「他根本裝窮裝孝順吧⋯」 「她穿這樣是沒錢請造型師嗎?」 「就憑他也可以站上舞台喔」 「她不穿內衣根本就是一個蕩婦!你看吧!」 「難看死了,轉台」 「是有多辛苦啦賺那麼多錢」 「⋯⋯⋯」 . 我自認算是心裡素質很好的人 大部分時間我選擇不回應也不走心 因為知道這些會這樣留言的人內心某部分是空虛的 他們需要靠這樣詆毀別人才會自我感覺良好 真正可憐的反而是這些只會在網路上寫下惡意話語的人 因為自己沒本事只能用這樣在自己的同溫層取暖 不覺得其實你們這些人既可悲又可笑嗎? 而且對了 「真性情」並不等於你可以肆無忌憚地亂講話 很多人很愛用真性情來包裝自己以獲得豁免權 但事情不是這樣子的 「真性情」是以不傷害他人的前提下表達自己的情感 而不是以自己的情感為前提去傷害他人! 你們知道嗎 因為這些對生命本質根本毫無建樹的留言 幾年前我已經失去一個朋友了 就是可愛的Cindy 她根本沒有做錯任何事 可是她撐不下去了 我們的社會還要有幾個Cindy幾個雪莉⋯ 現在這個社會 網路就是一把雙面刃 成名也在這裡 摔跤也在這裡 如果你看得到我這篇文章 答應我 我們不要當那個施加給別人負能量的人 因為你很有可能就是壓到駱駝的最後一根稻草 以後要寫下任何評論按下enter鍵要發送之前 先想個三秒吧 「我真的有需要寫這些話嗎?」 「批評完之後我得到了什麼?」 . . 如果批評之後能讓你考上第一志願,那你寫吧 如果批評之後能讓你家財萬貫,那你寫吧 如果批評之後能讓你死去的狗狗死而復生,那你寫吧 如果這些好事都不會發生 也對你的人生沒有幫助 反而你會害了人 你還要繼續留言嗎?

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Rainie Yang took to Instagram story to declare "Stop cyberbullying!!!". She also poignantly states, "Why must you judge someone you don't even know? We are all human". 

Yao Mingming, pre-Seventeen member and ex-trainee of Pledis Entertainment, also posted a simple sentence on Chinese social media site Weibo, "Say no to cyberbullying, everyone please be kind." 

Nam Taehyun, close friend of Sulli, and member of alternative rock band South Club and ex-member of WINNER, posted on Instagram in remembrance of Sulli. The caption reads, "Boldly, you have finished everything. I will continue to live on with gratitude. I hope you can rest in peace". 


대담하고, 너가 이뤄놓은 것들에 감사함을 느끼며 살아갈께 편히 쉬길 바라

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Many K-pop acts have also rescheduled their activities in light of Sulli's passing. 

Amber, ex-member of f(x), will be putting a halt to upcoming activities. 

SuperM has also postponed the filming for SuperM: The Beginning, which according to soompi, "is a program that combines a comeback show-style format, which will be SuperM’s first official domestic performance, along with a reality show-style format". NCT Dream also postponed the ticket sales for their first solo concert, The Dream Show, until further notice. 

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  • Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444
  • Singapore Association for Mental Health: 1800-283-7019
  • Care Corner Counselling Centre (Mandarin): 1800-353-5800
  • Tinkle Friend: 1800-274-4788