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Airliftz releases exquisite R&B single 'Call Me When It's Over'

Airliftz releases exquisite R&B single 'Call Me When It's Over'

The R&B universe demands deeply impassioned feelings. Love is never far from heartbreak and some of the best songs in the canon collapse the two into a singularity of emotion that is both beautiful and devastating. It’s this state of being that Malaysian rap sensation Airliftz chronicles in his latest single 'Call Me When It’s Over', wherein the epic depths of his romantic urgings corresponds directly to the grandiosity of the music that conveys it.

Producer I-SKY of famed Kuala Lumpur collective Krayziesoundz weaves a gorgeous mesh of instrumentation that’s unmistakably straight-for-the-heart in its emotional trajectory. Sparkly guitars add elegance and sheen to a bassy, skittering beat that gives what could have been an inert ballad a body-blasting bounce.

For his part, the young rapper is ever-versatile. Crooning for most of the runtime, he unleashes light-speed raps just past its midsection. 

Listen to it below.