Alt F1: Gig Picks For The Weekend (2012)

This weekend is unlike any other because the F1 is back in town. Here are some of the situations you will identify with: I am at the F1 because I like cars, I am at the F1 because I like Katy Perry, I am stalking Jenson Button, Oh no I couldn’t get a ticket, I’m still going out anyway. Whatever you find yourself into over the weekend, here’s a little reminder of other happenings around town besides the racing cars.

Friday, 21 September – Day One

These Brittle Bones x Inch Chua & The Metric System x Pleasantry
Home Club, 8pm

If Katy Perry is not your thing, switch lanes from the mainstream and head down to Home Club for your live music fix where you bask in the company of the likes of indie darling Inch Chua, young piano man These Brittle Bones and crowd pleaser Pleasantry.

Home Ground
Blujaz Space, 9pm

Gather on Home Ground for a night of jazz, with a sense of community. Away from the roadblocks and racing cars, settle down in Blujaz with this collective of friends and musicians as they make your night a pleasant and memorable one, albeit sans Lewis Hamilton.

Saturday, 22 September – Day Two

Shakedown Street MY+SG ETC
The Pigeonhole, 9pm

Singapore and Malaysian artistes come together to have a merry music-making night at The Pigeonhole. No frills and fancy cars, acoustic acts Warren (of Ferns), Etc., Azmyl, and Penpusher aim to bring you a night of melody and harmonies – you don’t get that at a pit stop. 

Le Palooza
Home Club, 9pm

Hosting yet another alternate F1 party, Home Club is really raising the game. Cheap drinks, extended hours, surrounded by visuals courtesy of MDRN, and supersweet music, make sure you’re at Home for the F1 weekend.

Ep!c Pit Stop Saturday
Zouk, 10pm
$28, $35

Definitely a choice gig, 1/3 of Miike Snow, Christian Karlsson will be in town to please the masses in Zouk. If everything else is too mellow for your dancing tendencies, Zouk is the right place for you.

DMZ 002: Iron Curtis
Velvet Underground, 10pm
$28, $35

Embrace your dark side in this mega electrifying gig at Velvet in the much lauded DMZ event - an exclusive collaboration between local legendary electronic labels Darker Than Wax, Midnight Shift and venue Zouk. This time they've brought down Germany's Iron Curtis, who'll be sure to amaze uninitiated house fans.

B28 Weekend of Jazz
B28, 10.30pm
Free + F&B charges

Tucked into a laneway, B28 is a refuge from the F1 frenzy. No screaming, no shoving and no flashy lights here, all you have to do is buy a drink, choose a splendid armchair and enjoy the musical styling’s of Nicole Duffell and her band.

Sunday, September 23 – Day Three

Marrakesh Express Jam Session
Sultan Jazz Club, 9pm
Free + F&B charges

This swanky jazz bar welcomes a jam session! The stage is yours, play (and bring) an instrument if you please or just turn up to enjoy the music and socialise. The F1 may have its superstars but here’s your chance to be one, for at least 15 minutes or so. 

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