Apartel release Inner Play (Remixes) on Spotify – listen

Apartel release Inner Play (Remixes) on Spotify – listen

Apartel's debut album, Inner Play1 just turned a year old last September. The 6-piece has now released Disc 2 of the deluxe CD version of the album on Spotify.

The album features 7 remixes by the likes of Tandems 91, Tarsius, Pasta Groove, BP Valenzuela's sleepypasta, Lustbass, and Juno Oebanda's Couchlab.  

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Stream the release here:

Apartel are also set to launch their new music video, 'Guijo St.' on November 3 at Mow's

Copies of Apartel's Inner Play are still available here.

1An earlier version of this article indicated Is It Hip? as the album title instead of Inner Play. It has since been amended.