Arcadia "break the silence" with explosive 'Timebomb' video – watch

Arcadia "break the silence" with explosive 'Timebomb' video – watch

Filipino hardcore act Arcadia are back to "break the silence" with their brutish new video 'Timebomb.'

Featuring the brash vocals of Badburn's Marben Romero, the ferocious track off Arcadia's upcoming record under Tower of Doom takes a look at the weight brought on by the harsh realities of today's world, as vocalist Enri Estevez barks: "So many people are suffering / Displaced and hungry / All in the name of progress / For the greedy few."

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The crunching riffs and bludgeoning blast beats of 'Timebomb' continue to reveal a different explosive sound the band earlier introduced with the debut of 'Threshold' on the Roadkill Tour series. The 'Lockdown' act's new unifying force now features bassist Keith Francisco, guitarist Rommel Enriquez, and vocalist Enri Estevez, joining founding members Ariel Lumanlan, and Ian de Guzman.

Watch the video below.