Asia Spotlight: Korean rapper CAMO on sharing power through music and preparing for her first-ever North America tour

Asia Spotlight: Korean rapper CAMO on sharing power through music and preparing for her first-ever North America tour

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our power and that’s what CAMO is here to do. 

Characterised by her rap-singing hip-hop style and confident declarations of self-love, the Korean rapper wants her music to remind listeners that they can be whoever they want to be and own every single part of it. 

“I just want my listeners to feel that they are not alone, that they are all bad bitches, that they can do anything. It’s OK to feel vulnerable, it’s OK to feel sad and alone,” CAMO tells Bandwagon


The ‘Dollar Bratz’ act wants her music to be a source of comfort for her listeners, hoping to be like the very artists that fueled her love for music. “I want to console them like a lot of different artists consoled me through music,” she adds

Like a lot of us, CAMO has that one album that changed her life. For her, it was Avril Lavigne’s THE BEST DAMN THING, it embodied everything that she loved about music. It was fearless, unapologetic, and vulnerable—the very things CAMO strives for in her own music. 

Fast forward a couple of years, she then found herself in the world of hip-hop thanks to the likes of BIGBANG and 2NE1. “When I first came to Korea, I was 13 years old back then and it was an era where K-POP idols groups like BIG BANG and 2NE1 was ballin’. I was obsessed with their music and started digging and found Drake, Lil Wayne, YE, Chris Brown, and many more, it was a big eye opener for me,”

From there, taking bits and pieces from the many artists that inspired her, CAMO created her own signature sound, one that's full of heart, spirit, and a whole lot of fun. 

“They all influenced me in a way and I feel like I was focusing more on the stories and the life that was blended in the song. I think I felt the spirit of all these hip-hop artists and wanted to be like them, live like them, and just be myself,” says the rapper. 

CAMO started sharing her music to the world in college, beginning with a hip-hop club that became a critical pillar in the life she has today. “For the first time in my life, I got to write my own lyrics and performed them in front of my friends,” she says. 

“I was so happy and had so much fun. I can’t even remember when was the last time I was that happy. Everything started there. I knew I was going to regret it if I didn’t pursue it. It’s funny because I never thought that I would make music and pay off of that.”

Since then, the rapper has put that passion and joy into her music, turning each one of her songs into a recount of her musings and experiences encased in an exciting soundscape of hip-hop and groovy melodies. 

CAMO made her debut in March 2020 with her debut EP, ICE. While it's admittedly not her favourite record, it's one she's glad she made, serving as an important moment in her career.

"I don’t really listen to it much but I think it’s cute that I made these songs. It’s definitely a milestone," she admitted. "I made them when I just started making music, knowing nothing about it so it’s a love-hate relationship between me and all my projects but especially that EP."

After two years, the 'Wifey' act is steadily making her away through the ranks of Korean hip-hop, having released her sophomore EP and collaborated with the likes of BIBI, Coogie, Simon Dominic, and more. 

Now, she's getting ready to embark on her first-ever North America tour. Set to hit stages across the US and Canada this August, CAMO is gearing up to throw a party you'll never forget with performances of her popular hits and unreleased music—which she teased is part her upcoming mixtape that's "going change [her] life once again".

"I am super excited for that because it’s actually my first time ever to perform them before official release. They are quite different from what I used to release and I feel kind of worried too but I just can’t wait to share this with everyone! I just really miss the energy, love and support," she says. 

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With her music, CAMO only has one goal in mind: "To become a fly artist that has the power to make this place a little better through my music." And with every release, she's making her way there. 

Listen to CAMO's latest single 'FREAK LIKE ME' here.