At The Movies: November Film Picks

Even as the biggest blockbusters are saved to close the year in December, it doesn’t look like November would come up short either. While there are the usual blockbusters, we’re fed with a serving of original films that range from a gritty WWII thriller to a galactic exploration of outer space. Here are our picks for November!


War is tough and unsentimental - and that’s what writer-director excels in with Fury. The action sequences are immersive, brutally intense and we warn you, graphic. If anything, the film aspires to lend some realism to World War II and they succeed with the solid cast and the bleak settings. If you remember that poem by Wilson Owen, Dulce et Decorum Est from secondary school days - this the closest visual version of it. A great date movie!


King of ambitious blockbusters, Christopher Nolan’s most anticipated film of the year Interstellar is finally here. Like any Nolan movie, it is stylistically bold and cutting edge. Like with any traditional sci-fi movie it tackles the age old question of ‘What’s out there?’, but with Nolan’s track record - there’s no reason to miss this movie. 


In between the last first Hunger Games movie and now, the genre of post-apocalyptic-teen movie has been on the rise but with incomparable hype to the Jennifer Lawrence fronted series. But if you haven’t watched the first two instalments, you should. The series that has a loyal following all begins in a fictional future where divided states ‘repent’ for past mutiny by partaking in a bloody contest. You’ll never believe what happens next. 


No mean or manipulative bosses this time but instead, a shrewd wealthy investor played by Christoph Waltz and his obnoxious son (Chris Pine) who screw the trio’s chance at potentially earning a lot of money. With Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis returning back, along with cameos by the bosses from the first film, the second one already looks set to be on a larger-scale and even more hilarious.


Nope, Big Hero 6 is not the latest sequel to a franchise you’ve just only heard of. The title refers to a ragtag group of crime-fighters, who are led by a teenage robotics prodigy and his own little robot who investigate a series of crimes caused by a super villain. Set to be Disney’s first film featuring Marvel characters, we wonder if they’ll find a way to tie this up with the current crop of Marvel live-action films.


Some background info, Horns is based on the book by Joe Hill, son of horror literature king Stephen King. Daniel Radcliffe with an American accent takes the lead in this supernatural murder-mystery, which is getting favourable reviews everywhere. It’s a dark and clever comedy, nothing too terrifying but definitely not dull. 


If you deduced the movie judged on the trailer itself, it would be: Man goes full on raging killing-spree rampage because dog was killed. We admit we laughed a little at how exaggerated and ‘B-movie’ the action scene clips were. But y’know, we’ll watch it on the basis of how good Keanu Reeves is at whooping ass. Give him a decent role and fight sequences, he’s great.