Bach in the Club: Martynas Levickis in Zouk

Zouk is a nightclub. Flashy lights, people grinding on the dancefloor, free (okay, not really) flowing alcohol. It is a place for vices. But last Friday night, we swapped bourbon coke and flaming lamborghinis for Chivas and thumping club beats for something quite out of the ordinary - accordion music. Thanks to Universal Music Singapore and Yellow Lounge Singapore, our Friday night was going to be a little more classical. 

Under the fancy chandeliers, accordion extraodinaire Martynas Levickis weaves between two platforms effortlessly. With curly tousled hair, a crisp white shirt tucked into tomato red trousers, he looks nothing like the classical musicians from days of yore. First treating us with an interpretation of Brahms' 'Hungarian Dance No. 5' and then 'Habanera' from Bizet's Carmen. If you weren't familiar with tunes of the classical genre, Martynas made it accessible to the crowd. Playing two sets, Martynas and the backing of an acoustic guitar kept things breezy and light with a selective playlist of the familiar Bach and Mozart. With titles like 'Suite No. 3 in D Major' and 'Piano Sonata No.11 in A Minor', it's okay to be perplexed but trust me, when you hear it you will know. An even more familiar tune with the title 'Telephone' made famous by one time mother of pop, Lady Gaga was also interpreted by the talented 23 year old on his Pigini accordion for the closer. 

It was somewhere in his second set, that he joked about how it was the first time he played Bach in a club. Well Martynas, it was our first encounter with Bach, and classical music in a club as well and to be honest, it was a little nice to see Zouk so mild-mannered for once. 

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